Yes. You'd probably like to work with me.

I have an extensive history of crafting experiences for brands that care about their users.  Here's a taste of past clients:


Yes. You'd probably enjoy a beer with me.

If you like to drink beer, at least.
Because you can have mine.  #lowcarblife

I love the outdoors.

My ideal date is walking silently outside for 12 hours straight.

Photo and adventure courtesy of Chris Brinlee Jr.


I'm a geek.

I'm an avid board game player and comic book reader (DC > Marvel comics, MCU > DCEU).

I have a shoe box full of collectible playing card decks from a stint as a child [at heart] magician.

I nerd out over superheros, like this random gentleman here.


I'm a nerd.

I get passionate about inane things and love to amass skills and information.

I've done over 20 escape rooms.

I can solve a Rubik's cube 60% of the time every time.


I'm like a weird snowflake.

I like to try things in different ways.


I'm a storyteller.

Most recently this has been through photography.

I've dabbled in writing, webcomic drawing, amateur filmmaking, interpretive breakdancing and acoustic hip hop music renditions.


I'm adventurous.

I'm always looking for new adventures to take on.

Typically those that induce a heightened sense of mortality.


People say I look like Shang from Mulan.

I don't see it.


I'm a hand model.

Just kidding. Sort of.


Like what you see?

I'm always looking for people to connect with.

Feel free to email me at alanmshen@gmail.com

Note: Although I'm always happy to help, I tend to miss shotgun requests.
If you want to connect please let me know what your favorite Star Wars movie was and why.

Or, there's always LinkedIn

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