Alan M Shen
UX Designer in Los Angeles, California

Alan currently leads human-centered design at Cie Digital Labs.  He has over 5 years of experience making products in the digital space. 17 if you count work done for e-props.

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I believe in finding the "why"

I believe in finding the "why"

I believe in finding the "why"

Products are a means to an end for people.  A good designer doesn't shoehorn their solution into a problem; they fall in love with the problem and a solution becomes obvious.


The Best UI is Invisible

See what happens when a brand built on quality content tries to go interactive.

Read time: 12 minutes


Imagineering Interaction Design

Take a sneak peak at the rapid iterative process of composing the magic behind one of Disney's Marvel web properties.

Read time: 9 minutes


Code-Responsible Design

See how designing with developers as a stakeholder reduced turnaround time and improved cross-team collaboration.

Read time: 6 minutes


I've worked with a lot of brands over the years.  Here's a small taste.

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